In my last post I explained how the basic blog business structure works. But there's a long way before you can implement any of those strategies. The core of every blog or website that reaches certain audience is content. Content is the most important element, and not just any content, I'm talking about the high quality content, the "Epic shit"!
You see, if you want to attract and keep people coming to your website or blog you need to give them just the right information they need. Everybody has a need and your content has the potential to satisfy them. So, the more direct and open you are about people's needs, the more positive effect you will produce. It's simple, you just have to help them.

Now content alone is not going to help you in bringing newcomers to your site, and another great way of that is connecting with other people, doing interviews with them, people that do things related to your subject of doing. They don't have to be A - list people, the best solution is to find people like yourself, stars on the rise. That way you can back-link with them, and produce an opportunity for someone else to see your site and help them find some useful information on the way. 

Another great way to increase traffic are social networks, but for a beginner not all of them are desirable. Your goal is to connect to as many people as possible, but working on 5 different social networks will cause more harm then good. You should focus on maybe 2 or even 3 of them. My suggestions are Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Now Facebook is optional because when you promote your page on it, it has that "fan" looking purpose, and it's really not that great for promoting to other Facebook members, unless you're willing to pay for some advertising.

Twitter and Google+ are great because there's a high probability that you will meet people doing the same thing you are or find those who are looking for your kind of information. So for beginners I recommend those two.

Beside writing great content and connecting on social network there's one more thing you have to do when you're just starting. SEO - search engine optimization. Actually, you have to do this pretty much all the time, because you will be changing your content often. Also there are "metatags" and keywords and so on and so on. They are pretty important because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use those words to make it easier for potential visitors to find you. You can find free keyword generators on the Web like Google keywords, also there are numerous free metatags generators where you insert the keywords you're interested and they produce the HTML code for you. SEO is great area for exploration and there is a lot to learn, but don't worry it's not that hard at all.

These are just 3 basic, simple steps you can do when you have just founded a blog. Make sure you share your site with your friends, anyone who can help spread the word out. You can also explore e-mail marketing services, many of them free to use. But the most important thing is not to give up, keep your hopes high and dig in.

Hope I helped,
Bosko Vasiljevic.

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