By Bosko Vasiljevic

OK, everybody is trying to make money online, big time! Everybody is trying to find a shortcut for doing that, with very little success. I believe that everything is possible in life, really, everything. Why? Because we live on world we don't know fully, we live in a Universe we don't understand and where weirdest of weirdest happens. People think money making on the Internet is not so easy to do, because it's a man-made system. But, what people do not realize is that because it's a man-made system it must have some errors in it. And those errors mean MONEY.

Next question - How to find those errors?

Well, Internet is full of all kind of crap but if you spent some time researching, trying to distinguish true from false, you'll eventually find some useful potential. But lucky for you, you don't have to do that, do you? I'm here to share it with you, and it's perfectly understandable because I'll make money too thanks to your reading capabilities.

Cut to the chase - How?

OK, method NUMBER 1.

Maybe some of you already tried this and are very familiar with the whole concept but let's just count on those who are pretty much new to this.

Step 1

Go the a website called Market Health. It's a website that offers a whole bunch of product and provides affiliate capabilities, with high percentage commisions. Register and fill out your payment method. Now most of you are wondering: I need a website to promote the product right? Wrong! I mean, don't get me wrong you can do that, but it's much easier to use what you have been offered for free. Choose a category that suits you, biggest markets are beauty and health, weight loss, etc. Choose a product that has a FREE TRIAL label on it, and COPY the affiliate link for it.

Step 2

YouTube. Nice one, ha? Make a channel of your own, and enter products name into the search bar and see what comes out. You need to find the right video, meaning, video that has a review with high credibility. That could mean all sorts of things. Maybe it was reviewed on TV, maybe a YouTuber with high rankings did it, or real users of the product. Download that video via YouTube Downloader. You can find it for free on the net, just google it. Upload that same video to your channel.

Step 3

When uploaded, you need to edit the information about the video. In the description box put your affiliate link that you Copied before and write a small description, STATING that if they click on that link and "buy" it they will get it for free. Which they will, because it's a free trial, they only pay for postal service. Put some tags in it related to the product, and that's it. They get a free product, you get a commision.

Most important thing about this method is that you have to put as many diverse videos as possible in order to increase your chances of earning commisions. I'm not gonna lie to you, 10 videos a day is not a bad rate to start for. 95% of people fail at this way of making money because they are not persistent, but those 5% that made it, made it because they were stubborn and after a while it kicks of by it self, meaning, people start sharing your videos, more people are viewing your videos and so on.

This way, after some time, you can earn up to a 100 US dollar a day in commisions! Now that's a NO BS STATEMENT! All you have to do is try and see how it goes. Every step for implementing this method is 100% FREE! You don't have to pay anything to achieve this.

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