by Bosko Vasiljevic

I want to show you how the bare bone structure of a blog business model looks like. In essence, it's very simple, but it's much easier said than done. Still, you'll have the basic idea how to set up the right business strategy for your online business.

In order for your blog to work, you need to have a sufficient traffic response on your content. In order words, you have to expand the influence of your content on broader audiences. Keep your content interesting and useful for your readers. Develop marketing strategies via social networks, forum discussions, post your thoughts on other people's sites and blogs etc. There are a lot of ways to increase your traffic response, you'll be able to read about them in my next post.

Your site or blog is generating sufficient traffic and people are pretty much interested what you have to say. The whole point of the business is not the business itself, it's about helping others. It sounds like an excuse to get more money but if you really want to achieve something you have to share the information with others. Money will eventually come later. Like I said before, information has the greatest value in today's reality. So, you offer people free e-books and courses that explain to them the basics of making money online. Not all of them of course, as a favor in return they'll be ready to pay for other e-books that you'll be offering containing extensive training and advice on how to expand your business and all other necessary information that will help you become an online entrepreneur. 

So they buy the information, and immediately the money goes through the payment processor (like PayPal or whatever) which is connected with your bank account. And as a result, the money generating from the sale of e-books is automatically stored on your bank account. The buyers, in return, instantly after the purchase receive the needed information via e-mail.

And that's it, everybody's happy. Now it doesn't have to be e-books. It could be apps, audio books or some other material. You can do business with affiliate marketing also while working with this kind of model, but I'll be talking about that in some of my next posts.

Hope I can help, feel free to comment.

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