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Blogging success is amassed in many ways, and one of them is continually creating interesting blog posts. But as much as imagination is infinite, ideas do run out sometimes. As failing to post is not even an option when you have loyal readers, you have to overcome this shortcoming by finding great topics when it seems there are none left. It is much easier to find inspiration when your blog is anchored on your passion as it somehow makes finding inspiration much simpler. Sadly not even that can make you immune to a scarcity of blogging ideas. Here are 5 such ways that will help you to find great topics for blogging.

Look out for latest trends

It is easy to find great topics if you are updated on the ins and outs of your industry. Use Google Trends to see what's current. Visit Facebook and Twitter to uncover the latest trends. Visit online magazines, and not only limit yourself to those that are in your niche. If you allow your creative genius to course through, it won't be hard to come up with a topic or two from what you find.

Keep up with your industries leading blogs

There are blogs that enjoy a huge religious following, and these are often regarded to as authorities in their niche. Subscribe to their RSS feeds to stay informed on the current topics they are tackling. You can write on the topics using a whole new approach, or simply expand on the information being offered.

Blog forums

Forums offer a sense of community where people contribute their thoughts on a trending topic. Questions are asked, but answers are not always given. If the blog topic has attracted a lot of responses, you can write a post, offering tips or information and answering some of the questions.

Have regular features

The feature could be as simply as a wrap up of the week that was. If you schedule this for a particular day, it eliminates the task of having to find blogging material, as your blog topics will always be pre-guided. This works well if yours is an entertainment or a news blog.

Dig from your past

Recycling old posts is good when no interesting topics come to mind. The idea is not to copy-paste old material. Rather you can redraft it, enriching it with information that you have acquired since you first wrote the post. It's good only when you have absolutely nothing else to write about, though you shouldn't do it too regularly to avoid redundancy.

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