by Kamil K Kwiecien

Blog advertising is one of the best internet practices to improve on a blog's traffic and overall popularity. Blogging is fast becoming popular because of the information that it provides. From news networks to professionals, a blog is now more than just an online journal. A blog is going to be rendered useless if it doesn't have traffic or if it doesn't attract a specific audience. There is a big possibility for bloggers to earn money from these blogs. What they need to worry of however is the traffic.

This is the reason why placing an ad for the blog is a great idea to promote the site. Before trying to advertise the blog, it is imperative to have the necessary content. This way, it can be indexed by the search engines and the readers can actually find something that will be useful on their part.

For starters, there are different ways to advertise a blog. It can come in the form of an honest or a paid review by another popular blogger or it could also be in form of a banner. So what are the effective strategies that you

can go for? Here are 4 of the simplest ways on how you can boost your site's

traffic through advertising.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is the practice of writing for another popular blog. Aside from a favorable source of back link, this is a good way to advertise whatever it is that you have as a copywriter. This is a form of promotion because it opens

a window of opportunity for the blog to have the traffic of the popular site.

Paid review

There are bloggers that earn a living from paid reviews. These bloggers get paid because of the audience and regular visitors that they already have. Getting a positive review for your blog on one of their entries can be a great way to boost the traffic of the past and succeeding entries on your site.

Social Media Marketing

According the latest trends, there are over a billion users in Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts are also growing in popularity over the years. Considering that things can go viral in the social media sites, it is always practical to maximize what this venue for blog promotion.

Video Marketing

Looking into the amount of videos that people view online, now is the time to make use of video marketing as a strategy to reach out to more traffic. Animation is now a great option in order to market your blog. It is also possible to launch webinars on a YouTube channel that would then lead to your blog. These are only some ways on how to effectively make use of YouTube, Vimeo and other video uploading platforms to advertise your blog.

Advertising is an important factor that would affect the overall popularity of the blog you are running. Blog advertising can be expensive or it could also be cheap depending on the strategy that you choose to take. With these five ways, a blogger can maximize the perks of having a blog.

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